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Data Protection & Privacy – 2014 edition

Written by: Vondst Newsdesk

24 September 2014


On 23 September the second edition of Data Protection & Privacy was launched.

The number of jurisdictions with laws on data protection and privacy is constantly increasing and the interest in the area of data protection and privacy has never been greater. The book aims to create a single starting point of reference for clients, data protection officers and advisers involved in data protection and privacy. It covers over 35 countries.

Polo van der Putt and Tessa Stallaert contributed the Dutch chapter.

Every chapter contains an overview of the key elements and principles of the data protection and privacy law framework in the relevant jurisdiction as well as the latest developments and trends. Because each chapter follows the same Q&A structure, readers can conduct quick comparisons between the various legal regimes.

The second edition covers the proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation and, for the first time, includes a chapter on the data protection rules applicable to EU institutions and bodies, along with two regional summaries for the Asia-Pacific and Latin America.