Seminar Topical Issues Plant Variety Law Thursday 20 November 2014


Practically oriented afternoon Seminar with regard to recent developments in and surrounding Plant Variety Law


Publication Tjeerd Overdijk on radish sprout case


In the summer of 2013 both the Hague District Court and the Court of Appeal in the Hague rendered interesting and important decisions on the validity of the so-called radish sprout patent of the Dutch company Taste of Nature.


Update on Plant Variety Law by Vondst


Afternoon Seminar on new developments in Plant Variety Law (Dutch spoken only)


Tjeerd Overdijk bij BNR over octrooirecht op planten


Op 4 juli 2017 was Tjeerd Overdijk live in de uitzending van BNR Zakendoen.


UPOV EDV Seminar 22 October, 2013


UPOV, the International Union for the Protection of new Varieties of Plants has organised a seminar on Essentially Derived Varieties (EDVs).


Third Symposium Breeding and protecting


On 11 June 2013 Tjeerd Overdijk will contribute to the Third Symposium "Breeding and protecting" (combined event of the Dutch Patent Office and the Dutch Plant Variety Board) with an overview of recent case law in the field of plant-related patents.


Bart Kiewiet chairs Workshop on CPVO Seminar on 30 May 2013


Our Of Counsel Bart Kiewiet will chair a Workshop on Enforcement in the Agricultural and Vegetable Sector during the CPVO Seminar on the Enforcement of Plant Variety Rights (Rome, 30 May, 2013).


Amsterdam Economic Board


Vondst has participated in the recent event of the Amsterdam Economic Board.