Cybersecurity (digital resilience) is relevant to all organisations. Security incidents occur regularly, and cybersecurity insurance is costly. There has been a lot of new legislation coming at organisations on cybersecurity in recent years, and more legislation is in the pipeline.

Vondst’s team combines substantive knowledge of cybersecurity laws and regulations with its years of knowledge and experience in (IT) products and services and privacy law.

The attorneys within the cybersecurity practice of Vondst focus on, among other things, advising, drafting and negotiating contracts and assisting in conflicts, in and out of court, more specifically in the areas of:

  • Various (upcoming) legislation, including the NIS2 Directive, the Cybersecurty Act, DORA, GDPR and the Cyber Resilience Act (proposal)
  • Contractual security requirements
  • Handling security incidents and data breaches
  • Responsible disclosure policies
  • Incident response procedures and data breach protocols
  • Dealing with supply chain relationships
  • Commercial contracts
  • Audits
  • Policies of regulators and government organisations, including Dutch DPA (AP), ENISA, and NCSC.

Our clients operate across the full range of the economy. Our clients include commercial service providers, consultants, financial institutions, housing cooperatives, healthcare providers, IT service providers, manufacturers and software developers.