Information Technology (IT) and its application is highly complex and always in flux. Vondst has formed a dedicated team with many years of specific experience in IT law. As a result, Vondst can guide its clients through IT projects skillfully and efficiently, in the preparatory, implementation and completion phases as well as in conflict situations.

The work of the attorneys the IT practice of Vondst includes providing legal advice, drafting and negotiating contracts, and assisting in dispute resolution whether in or out of court. These activities are mainly focused on:

  • sourcing
  • cloud computing
  • IT projects, agile and waterfall
  • licenses, implementation, maintenance, management, exit
  • IT related public procurement
  • establishing and terminating joint ventures
  • distribution and other commercial contracts
  • the protection of technology and information
  • illegal software and audits
  • internet, e-commerce and domain names.

Our clients operate across the full range of the economy. Amongst our clients are commercial service providers, financial institutions, housing corporations, healthcare providers, IT services suppliers, governmental agencies, manufacturer and software developers.

Chamber & Partners:

Clients applaud the firm’s “great legal knowledge” and “tremendous experience.”

“The lawyers are very easy to approach; you can deal with them very quickly. They respond quickly and the advice is all very practical. It’s almost like talking to an in-house colleague.